Nose games

For the record, the nose beeping game and the squishy nose game are two entirely independent games that Ailish and I used to play.

The squishy nose game involved squishing our noses together as hard as we could, and then Ailish would announce that she had won. Occasionally, I’d try to claim I had won, but Ailish would give me a sad sort of look that said, “Look, Chris, you just don’t understand this game.”

The nose beeping game was slightly more fair, in that I at least had a chance of winning. I would touch Ailish’s nose and she would say, “honk.” She would touch my nose and I would say, “beep.” Most of the time, it was just a check to see if the other person was paying attention. But sometimes, we’d get a bit competitive and alternate nose beeping as quickly as we could, Ailish honking and me beeping. It’s surprisingly difficult. You have to pay attention to make sure you are saying the correct phrase while your partner is responding with the corresponding phrase. Inevitably, one person will eventually screw up, at which point we would fall over laughing.

They were both very silly games, and we enjoyed them immensely.

May 25th, 2011 10:03 PM

Oh, I *really* like the nose beeping game! What a great way to make sure someone is paying attention … or just to be goofy, which is also an essential component of having a happy life. :)

May 26th, 2011 2:47 PM

Ok, love the nose beeping game…will see how the girls fair at it…bet I can kick their butts!hehe! Hope u r doing ok…eating, getting whatever sleep you can, etc.! Love the posts:)

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