I go to visit Ailish’s grave about once a week. Often, but not always, on Fridays.

I am quite looking forward to the spring; the cemetery will install Ailish’s headstone, and I think we have chosen it with thought and love.

When I visit, I tend to walk around, counterclockwise, and often talk, sharing things from my week and expressing how much I miss Ailish. I was there on Wednesday and noticed that the grass has been worn down in a circle from my pacing.

September 23rd, 2011 8:09 PM

Any reason for the widdershins wandering, or just what your body does all by itself?

From a purely psychological standpoint, this sounds like a remarkably healthy thing to do, I gotta say. I used to pace my house and talk out loud a lot, after I lost Jessica – can’t remember what I was talking about but I remember doing it. Lots of times I’ve had long conversations with people while I was alone in my car, too.

There’s something about the rhythmic motion of walking that really seems to help with grief. No idea what it is, but it certainly seems to work.

Maybe it’s cause we know we get better one step at a time … thus if we take more steps, better might get here sooner. :)

Marie Purcell
September 29th, 2011 9:36 PM

Hi Chris,

I often think of you and Ailish. You had such a short time together but it seems to have been magical. Hope the good memories will help you through.

Take care.


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