Settlers of Catan strategy

I have written several times about how Ailish and I loved to play Settlers of Catan. I have also written on how Ailish won more games than I did. Here, in her own words, is Ailish’s strategy:

1. Development Cards
– always good
– can drive strategy
– just one more card than a road

2. Spend All Cards
– always good
– reduce risk of losing them
(more than 7, less than opponent when stealing, etc.)

3. Never Focus on Roads
– just means to an end – ┬áno points by themselves (essentially)
– only build when a point is assured (i.e. cards for a settlement, longest road, harbor master)

I have to say, I did not necessarily agree with Ailish’s strategy. I’d build roads without being assured of a point, for example. But then, Ailish won about two thirds of the games we played.

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